Trouble Seeing? Signs You Have Cataracts And How They Are Treated

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If you are having trouble seeing even if you wear the right type of glasses, this may be caused by cataracts. Below are some signs to help you determine if you have this, as well as how cataracts are treated.  Signs You Have Cataracts One common sign of cataracts is having clouded vision. Your vision may also be blurred or dim. Not being able to see well at night is another symptom, especially if you were able to see fine at night before.

24 March 2022

Should You See Your OB Before Trying To Conceive?

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The decision to try to conceive is a big one. Once you've made this decision, you probably can't wait wait to start, well, trying. But depending on your circumstances, you may want to slow down and see your OB first. It's never a bad idea to see your OB before you start trying to conceive, but if you fall into any of the categories of women described below, this visit is an especially good idea.

23 February 2022

Accreditation Helps New Surgery Centers Compete With Established Facilities

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New surgeons starting up a new medical practice may have multiple competitors in their area that may make it harder for them to break into their field. However, there are many steps that surgeons can take to improve their presence in their field. For example, surgery center accreditation programs may help surgeons capture the attention of more potential patients and help them succeed at a higher level. Why Accreditation Programs Matter

26 January 2022

About Using A Laser To Treat Poor Vision

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Perfect vision can make certain aspects of life easier, but it isn't the case for many people who are suffering from astigmatism and other eye conditions. Astigmatism is one of the easiest eye conditions to treat, as it often involves obtaining a prescription to wear eyeglasses. There is also the option of wearing contact lenses if eyeglasses are not desired, but you must be a good candidate. If you are tired of wearing eyeglasses but do not like the idea of inserting contact lenses, eye surgery might be a good option to consider for correcting your vision problems.

21 December 2021

How A Virtual Doctor's Visit Can Help With Health Problems

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When you are sick, you might not feel well enough to travel to your doctor's office. If you think you have a contagious disease, then you probably should stay home. However, staying home doesn't mean you can't see your doctor. You can schedule a virtual doctor's visit for many basic health problems. You may even be able to get your prescriptions refilled. Continue reading to learn more about how a virtual doctor's visit may be the best option when you can't come into the office.

18 November 2021

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Locum Tenens Stroke Doctor

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The practice of hiring locum tenens physicians is a rapidly growing industry due to the benefits it can provide smaller medical facilities or remote facilities without the resources to hire full-time specialists. This is especially true when it comes to finding skilled and experienced vascular neurologists that specialize in treating strokes. That's because, although there is a high demand for stroke specialists, between the years 2005 and 2013, only about 1,115 of all neurologists received the necessary vascular neurology certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

21 October 2021

5 Common Misconceptions About Urinary Incontinence

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Urinary incontinence is a medical condition that causes you to lose control of your bladder. Although it is not life-threatening, urinary incontinence can be quite embarrassing and interfere with your life. If you have recently been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, it is very important to get the facts straight about your condition. Here are some common misconceptions about urinary incontinence that you should not believe. Drink Fewer Liquids Will Cure Urinary Incontinence

23 August 2021