What To Expect During A Flexion Distraction Chiropractic Treatment

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One thing that you can count on when you visit a family chiropractic clinic to get relief for your back pain is that the chiropractor will try any number of treatment methods to give you positive results. While standard adjustments may be a part of your care, the chiropractor may also turn to a treatment known as flexion distraction. This is a specialized treatment that involves a table. The goal of this treatment is to move your spine to provide relief from your pain. Here are some things that you can expect during a flexion distraction treatment.

Mechanized Table

While you might have experience sitting or lying on a standard table during certain chiropractic treatments, one thing that makes flexion distraction unique is that the table moves. This table commonly features two halves that move independently. Your body's lower half will rest on one half of the table, while your upper half will rest on the table's other half. The table moves very gently and in a controlled manner; unlike some adjustments, this form of chiropractic treatment is slow and gentle. The chiropractor will sit or stand near the controls of the table at all times, and can promptly stop the table's movement upon your request.

Body Position

You'll lie on your front on the mechanized table, which may seem familiar if you've ever lied face-down on a table for a standard chiropractic adjustment. One thing that is unique about your body during a flexion distraction treatment is that your chiropractor will attach your body to the table. These tables are equipped with multiple straps. Generally, the straps will go around your waist and your legs. The straps are designed to hold your body in place so that it doesn't slide around. A body that slides during the treatment may not receive the treatment's benefits.

Hands-On Care

While the table plays a key role in your flexion distraction treatment, the chiropractor will also use their hands in various ways as the table moves. Typically, you can expect to feel the chiropractor's hands on your back in different positions. Having their hands along your spine will allow them to assess how your spine is reacting to the treatment. Occasionally, you'll feel them put different levels of pressure on your back during the treatment. If you have back pain and you're interested in getting help from a chiropractor, contact a family chiropractic clinic in your area. 


3 August 2023

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