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An imaging center is where you would go if your doctor were to send you for certain types of tests and procedures to help determine certain things about your health. This article can help you to learn more about imaging centers

Imaging centers perform procedures that are painless

If you have been sent to an imaging center by your doctor, then you may be worried about the type of tests or procedures you are going to have done. You may be anxious, worrying that you will be subjected to pain. However, an imaging center doesn't do things like surgeries or other procedures or tests that would cause you to experience pain. Instead, they do things like take x-rays, take MRIs, and perform ultrasounds. The worst you should feel about any of these tests is uncomfortable, because you will be asked to hold the same position for longer than what you may feel is comfortable. 

Imaging centers won't discuss your results with you

When you are sent to an imaging center, know that you won't be finding out the results of the tests that are done at the imaging center. When the tests have been completed, the results will be forwarded to your doctor. The doctor will read the information provided by the center, look at the results themselves, and then discuss their findings with you. This is important to know because some people get nervous when the imaging center tells them the doctor will need to discuss the results with them. People sometimes think this means it's bad news. However, the doctor will always be the one to go over things with you, so knowing this going in may help you to feel much more at ease. 

Imaging centers can really help with determining the extent of issues

An imaging center has equipment that can show a lot about what's going on inside you. For example, an MRI can show everything from breaks to actual inflammation. Using the information from an imaging center, the doctor will know much more about what is going on with you, exactly where the issue is located, the degree to which your issues are, and so much more. They will be able to use the results from the imaging center to come up with the best course of treatment for you, instead of using basic information and waiting to see if a course of treatment is the right way to go.


25 May 2022

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