Trouble Seeing? Signs You Have Cataracts And How They Are Treated

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If you are having trouble seeing even if you wear the right type of glasses, this may be caused by cataracts. Below are some signs to help you determine if you have this, as well as how cataracts are treated. 

Signs You Have Cataracts

One common sign of cataracts is having clouded vision. Your vision may also be blurred or dim. Not being able to see well at night is another symptom, especially if you were able to see fine at night before. You will likely be very sensitive to lights and see a glare from lights. 

When you are reading you may need more light to be able to see what you are reading well. Colors may look yellowed or faded, or you could have double vision in one of your eyes. When you look at lights you may also see halos around them. 

Cataracts do start out small, so in the beginning you may not have many or any symptoms until the cataract spreads and gets larger. 

Cataract Treatment

The only treatment for cataracts is cataract surgery, which is done by an ophthalmologist. During the surgery the doctor removes the clouded lens and replaces this lens with an artificial lens. They position the artificial lens in the same place where they removed your cloudy lens. When finished, the new lens will likely last you for the rest of your life. The doctor can give you more information about this. 

If you are not a good candidate for an artificial lens the doctor will still remove your lens but then prescribe glasses to help with your vision. 

Depending on your personal situation, you may be able to have cataract surgery and go home the same day. The eye doctor uses a local anesthetic that numbs the area around the eye. This means you will be awake during the surgery. The doctor also places drops in each eye they are treating to numb your eyes. This will prevent you from feeling any pain during the procedure. 

If you had cataracts in both of your eyes, the doctor will do the procedure on one eye at a time. After the first procedure they will wait until your eye has completely healed and then do the other eye. You may feel a little discomfort after the procedure, which generally goes away in a few weeks. Once you are all healed you will have more youthful vision. 

Your ophthalmologist can give you more information about cataract surgery.     


24 March 2022

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