Should You See Your OB Before Trying To Conceive?

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The decision to try to conceive is a big one. Once you've made this decision, you probably can't wait wait to start, well, trying. But depending on your circumstances, you may want to slow down and see your OB first. It's never a bad idea to see your OB before you start trying to conceive, but if you fall into any of the categories of women described below, this visit is an especially good idea.

You're a little older

Plenty of women have healthy, happy pregnancies in their late 30s and beyond. But with that being said, there are some additional risks that come with conceiving a little later in life. If you're over the age of 35, it is wise to see your OB before you begin trying to conceive. During this visit, your OB can rule out any health problems that might make it harder for you to conceive. They may also talk with you about steps you can take to encourage a healthier pregnancy at your age, along with setting realistic expectations as to how long it may take you to conceive at your age.

You've miscarried in the past

Miscarriages are quite common, and having a miscarriage does not, by any means, indicate that you cannot go on to have a healthy pregnancy. However, it is still wise to check in with your OB, look into any health problems that may have contributed to your previous miscarriage, and discuss what you can expect when you become pregnant once again. In addition to being a healthy choice, this visit can be emotionally reassuring if you're worried about becoming pregnant again.

You've been diagnosed with any ailment of the reproductive system

If you have ever been diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, or any other ailment that affects your reproductive system, it is a good idea to see an OB. Many women with these and other conditions conceive and give birth to healthy babies. However, there may be some additional challenges along the way, and visiting your OB is an opportunity to learn what those challenges might be so you can approach them appropriately. If you have never been diagnosed with any of these conditions but have symptoms like serious menstrual cramps or heavy bleeding, then it's also a good idea to visit your OB.

Congratulations on trying to conceive! Visit an OB doctor, and then get started off on the right foot.


23 February 2022

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