How A Virtual Doctor's Visit Can Help With Health Problems

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When you are sick, you might not feel well enough to travel to your doctor's office. If you think you have a contagious disease, then you probably should stay home. However, staying home doesn't mean you can't see your doctor. You can schedule a virtual doctor's visit for many basic health problems. You may even be able to get your prescriptions refilled. Continue reading to learn more about how a virtual doctor's visit may be the best option when you can't come into the office.

What Problems Can a Virtual Doctor's Visit Help With?

A virtual doctor's visit can help with a wide range of common health problems. It is especially helpful if you live in a rural area where getting to an office is troublesome. It's also ideal if you don't have an emergency but have transportation barriers. Examples of common issues that are perfect for a virtual doctor's visit include:

  • Colds and sinus issues
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Allergies
  • Chronic, ongoing health issues
  • Counseling

What Problems Are Best Suited for In-Office Visits?

If you must have certain tests, like blood tests, you should visit a doctor's office. There is no way to do that with a virtual visit. Also, if you need a certain class of prescription drugs, your doctor cannot prescribe them to you virtually. If you have any urgent issues, like seizures or chest pain, you should visit an emergency room.

What Happens During a Virtual Visit?

Much of what happens during a virtual visit is similar to an office visit. The doctor will take a health history and answer your questions. Some doctors may ask you to do simple procedures while on screen. The doctor will also arrange for testing before prescribing certain medications like antibiotics. You should be referred to a testing facility if that is the case. The doctor may be able to refill certain medications for documented chronic conditions.

To see a doctor virtually, you must have the right computer and connections. Check with your doctor or the virtual doctor's website to see what they require. Most require a camera and a microphone. Some may require a certain speed of broadband internet. Have a phone in case you get disconnected.

If you don't have an emergency or require an in-office visit, a virtual doctor's visit may be an ideal choice. In some cases, it can be less stressful than a traditional visit. If you are interested in seeing a doctor virtually, talk to your own doctor for recommendations or visit the website of a doctor who offers virtual doctor visits.


18 November 2021

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