5 Common Misconceptions About Urinary Incontinence

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Urinary incontinence is a medical condition that causes you to lose control of your bladder. Although it is not life-threatening, urinary incontinence can be quite embarrassing and interfere with your life. If you have recently been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, it is very important to get the facts straight about your condition.

Here are some common misconceptions about urinary incontinence that you should not believe.

Drink Fewer Liquids Will Cure Urinary Incontinence

It seems logical that drinking less will improve your urinary incontinence. However, it could make the problem worse. It is important to drink adequate fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated. Try to drink fewer alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, though, as they can irritate your bladder.

Urinary Continence Is Only a Problem for the Elderly

It is true that senior citizens are more likely to experience urinary incontinence than younger people. However, that does not mean that younger individuals can't develop the condition. For example, it is not uncommon for people to experience urinary incontinence right after they give birth to a child. Women may also become incontinent when they go through menopause because of lower estrogen levels. 

Surgery Is the Only Way to Treat Urinary Incontinence

Surgery is a treatment option for urinary incontinence, but it is usually a last resort. After all, surgery comes with several risks. Your doctor will likely want you to try other treatments, such as medication or bladder training, before opting for surgery.

Urinary Incontinence Affects Everyone the Same

Not everyone experiences urinary incontinence the same way. Some people, for instance, may have occasional small leaks while others may leave large puddles on the floor. Certain people may also only experience incontinence when they cough or sneeze. 

You Can't Live a Normal Life Anymore

Many people fear that they can no longer enjoy their life with urinary incontinence. Although dealing with this condition can be difficult at first, you can adjust and live a perfectly normal life. For example, you can wear bladder protection products and perform pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your bladder. As long as you are not willing to allow the condition to control your life, you will be just fine.

As you can see, there are quite a few myths about urinary incontinence. If you have started experiencing symptoms of urinary incontinence, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible to discuss your treatment options.


23 August 2021

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