Topics That Can Make For A Good Keynote Speech On Women's Health

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At first, the idea of having a keynote speaker speak about women's health might seem a little narrow and polarizing. However, if you think more about it, this is actually an excellent topic for many different seminars and conferences. Women do make up about half of the population, they have some unique health problems and struggles, and the history of caring for their health is quite interesting. So what topics might a keynote speaker cover when addressing women's health? Here are a few ideas.

Disparities in Women's Health Care

Historically, women have had a harder time being taken seriously by their doctors. Their pain is often shrugged off, and they're sometimes told symptoms they suffer from are "normal," causing conditions to go undiagnosed until they're more serious. A keynote speaker may talk about this disparity, what causes it, and its effects. They can also give some direct advice for women in the audience, telling them what they can do and say to ensure their health is taken more seriously by providers. The speaker can also address men, giving them advice for helping the women in their lives get the care they need. 

Women's Health Around the World

If you are looking for a keynote speech with a more cultural, worldly feeling, then you may want your speaker to talk about women's health in various countries. They can focus on just two or three countries, comparing them to your own country. Or they can speak about a wide array of countries, describing how each one addresses a certain problem. For example, your keynote speaker could talk about what it's like to give birth in Sri Lanka, Thailand, England, Germany, Australia, and Canada. This can give listeners a unique insight into what it's like to be a woman in different parts of the world.

Advocates for Women's Health

Another approach would be for your speaker to talk about the people who are currently doing a lot of advocacy work in women's health. They could speak about some of the top social researchers, the doctors who are revolutionizing the field, and people on the ground in less-wealthy countries who are working to bring better women's healthcare to those nations. This can be a very inspirational keynote speech that motivates those in the audience to take action, too.

Any of the above topics could make women's health a great focus for a keynote speech. Work with your women's health speaker to figure out the best topic for your audience.


1 December 2020

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