Tips For Scheduling Your LASIK Appointment

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The decision to undergo LASIK surgery is a big one — and an exciting one! You probably cannot wait to have your surgery and finally see clearly without glasses or contacts. But before you rush in and schedule your appointment, there are a few things you will want to consider.

Arrange for time off from work.

LASIK is notorious for being basically pain-free and quick to recover from. However, you will need to take at least a couple of days off from work. You'll need to have a checkup the day after your appointment, and you will need to avoid looking at screens for long periods for at least three or four days post-surgery. In most cases, taking three days off is sufficient. If you have a really physical job or one that requires you to be around bright lights, you may want to take a week. Make sure this is feasible before scheduling your surgery.

Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the appointment.

You won't be able to drive home from your own LASIK appointment. And while you might be able to drive safely the next day, it's better not to count on this, as your vision may not be improved enough for you to drive quite yet. Make sure that a friend or family member is available to take you to or from your LASIK appointment and also to your next-day checkup before you schedule the surgery.

Plan on wearing glasses for two weeks.

Most people need to specifically wear glasses, not contacts, for at least two weeks prior to their LASIK surgery. This allows your eyes to breathe, which ensures that they are healthy and less prone to infection by the time you go in for surgery. If you have an important event that you want to wear contacts for, then you will want to take that into account before scheduling your LASIK surgery. Count at least two weeks forward from the last date you wear contact lenses. Do not underestimate its importance, as wearing contacts before your surgery increases your risk of infection.

Scheduling your LASIK surgery does require some careful planning. Make sure you adhere to the advice above when doing so, and don't hesitate to reach out to your eye doctor or surgeon if you have any other concerns or questions about LASIK. LASIK usually goes smoothly once you have it scheduled.


3 November 2020

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