What To Do After A Back Injury

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If you have injured your back, it is important for you to know what to do and which steps to take in order to avoid further injuries and to heal as best you can correctly and as soon as possible. With these things in mind, you want to read the information below and take the advice in order for you to know you are doing what is best for your back.

Make sure you don't need immediate emergency attention

If you have injured your back in a way that may be very serious, as in possibly breaking or fracturing it, then the best thing for you to do at the time of injury is to try to remain as still as possible and have an ambulance come to you. This way, you avoid further injury which can lead to serious problems, such as becoming paralyzed.

Get ice on your back

If you hurt your back but there isn't a need for complete immobilization and an ambulance, then you should get ice on your back right away. Putting ice on your back will help to reduce inflammation, and it will also help you to keep the pain at a minimum. You want to keep the ice on your back in increments of about twenty minutes, then give your back a break from the ice.  

Get in to see a doctor

Make an appointment to see a doctor. If your back hurts seriously, then you don't want to drive yourself to the doctor because it is going to be difficult for you to be as fast on the pedals as you should be in order for you to be safe on the road. Be prepared to tell your doctor exactly how you hurt your back, what you felt right when it happened, whether you heard anything when you injured it, and what your pain levels have been on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the worst pain possible.

Go in for imaging right away

Your doctor will likely order an X-ray first. While X-rays don't show very much with back injuries, they are the first step because most insurances won't cover an MRI without an X-ray being taken first. Once an MRI is ordered, be sure you go in for the MRI imaging because it will be extremely important with regards to finding out exactly what is going on with your back. The MRI will show things like the bone, the muscle, the discs, and other things that will tell the doctor exactly what you hurt, which helps them know how to best treat you.


2 August 2019

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