How Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Can Help Your Teen Basketball Player's ACL Tear

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Basketball is a competitive sport but one that can take your child to higher career levels. For example, your child's high school success may make it easier for them to find college scholarships and a career. However, an ACL tear can hurt their chances of success and requires treatments like platelet-rich plasma injection to overcome.

Basketball Players Experience A Large Number Of ACL Tears

During every practice and game, basketball players are putting a lot of strain on their ACL tendon in their knee. This tendon is responsible for strength and stability in the knee and keeps the joint from moving around wildly. The running, jumping, shooting, and pivoting common with basketball makes injuries to the ACL a lot more likely in this sport.

And when your child suffers from an ACL injury, they are going to have to undergo surgery and other treatments to restore strength to the area. Unfortunately, they may experience a large number of side effects that complicate their recovery and make life more difficult for them.

ACL Tears Can Devastate An Athlete's Career

While many athletes recover from ACL injuries and remain stronger than ever, that recovery possibility isn't always guaranteed. Sadly, many ACL tears don't heal properly and complicate an athlete's recovery. If your basketball-playing child's ACL doesn't set right when healing, their shooting and passing will be off and may never come back. 

As a result, they may not play as well as they did before the injury and lose the interest of college scouts. And when this happens, your child may fall into depression and ignore better education possibilities. Thankfully, treatments like platelet-rich plasma injection can help with this problem.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection May Help

Platelet-rich plasma injection works by injecting portions of your child's blood into their torn ACL to promote healing. This treatment is possible because platelets in your plasma are critical for the healing process. Introducing higher amounts can increase the healing rate of injured muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even joints.

Typically, this treatment method will go hand-in-hand with another method like surgery. For example, if your child has surgery to repair their torn ACL, platelet-rich plasma injections may help to increase the rate of healing and avoid complications. The healing will also be stronger, which is likely to make your child retain their skills and stability after the surgery.

So if your child has suffered from an ACL tear that could threaten their basketball career, don't hesitate to contact your local platelet-rich plasma injection therapy services. It could just help your child overcome this problem and become the excellent basketball player they deserve to become.


27 October 2018

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