Tips For Those Who Have Tried Hearing Aids Before And Not Liked Them

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Using a hearing aid is a new experience for anyone who tries them for the first time. Even if you're used to wearing earphones and headphones, using these aids is going to be unlike anything you've ever tried before. Perhaps this new, strange feeling is the reason why so many people try these devices and decide that they don't like them and stop using them all together.

However, there are a few things you can do to give yourself enough time to adjust to the change.

Expect Them to Feel Funny at First

Your ears will need some time to get used to hearing aids being in them almost all the time. Don't expect to start using these devices and instantly enter a comfort zone with them. Most wearers will require some time before this happens. It's much like how it takes a while to get used to spectacles resting on your nose.

Start Using Them for Only a Few Hours Daily

Consistency is important for you to get used to these hearing devices. However, the trick is not to have your hearing aid in place all the time. Instead, try using them for a few hours each day. Use them in environments and situations that you're comfortable in at first. You'll gradually learn how to identify and filter out certain sounds and also identify what you'll want a professional audiologist to adjust.

Start in a Quiet Room

When you start using these listening aids, you'll find yourself being able to recognize faint sounds that you've not heard in a while, such as a clock ticking. It can be unnerving to hear these sounds at first because your brain isn't accustomed to them. Once your brain adjusts, these sounds will stop bothering you.

Avoid Fiddling With the Volume

Listening aids are now designed to be able to adjust to listening situations automatically. This reduces the need to make manual adjustments. Therefore, you should avoid turning the volume too high because this can actually do more harm.

Practice Speaking to People in Groups

Speaking to people in a group is one of the main challenges brought on by hearing loss. Therefore, you should try talking to people in a group to help your brain make the connection between vocal patterns, body language, and sound. As always, practice with your friends and family first since your brain is used to their voices and should be able to pick them up more easily.  


27 September 2018

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