4 Good Reasons For Buying Your Own Portable Ultrasound Machine

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A portable ultrasound machine is not something most consumers buy into. However, some very special consumers probably should have their own portable ultrasound machine. Here are four good reasons why you might want to own your very own ultrasound machine, even if you do not know how to use it.

1. Your Pregnancy Has Complications and You Are on Bed Rest

Women who frequently miscarry, have to spend their pregnancies on bed rest, and/or who are working with infertility doctors to get pregnant often have to have an ultrasound during their pregnancies. Since these women cannot leave their beds for fear of losing their unborn children, nurses from the doctor's offices make house calls.

When they arrive, one of the first things they do is verify that the baby's heart is still beating and that it is still beating normally. While they can do that with a portable doppler machine, it is equally as important to verify the baby's position in the womb as well. Only a portable ultrasound machine can do that.

2. You Have Major Heart Issues

Patients who have suffered one heart attack and survive often suffer an additional one in the future. The heart is partially dead, and the dead tissue is unable to flex and pump with the rest of the heart, putting greater strain on the muscle. You may also have congestive heart failure in its most devastating form. Both put such an immense strain on the heart that you could die if you do not spend most of your time resting. You can continue to monitor the efficacy of your heart, and detect further problems, with a portable ultrasound beside your bed.

3. You Can Monitor Your Pet's Health

Human ultrasound machines are not really that different from those used with pets. The only real difference is the transvaginal wand used in humans versus the much smaller wand attachments used in pets. Unless you are monitoring your pregnant female pet's pregnancy and litters, you do not really need that anyway. Instead, you can use a portable human ultrasound, with a different frequency setting, to monitor the health of your pet. That includes monitoring pulmonary issues, pregnancies, and strange growths that have appeared and become swollen.

4. Frequency of Use

Most people would say that they cannot rationalize the cost of owning such a machine. While this is true, the cost is outweighed by all of the above conditions. These people and pets cannot do without frequent monitoring. Ergo, the machines are worth it because the machines can save lives and prevent potentially fatal conditions from causing untold loss.

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5 May 2018

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