How A Psychiatrist May Help You Overcome Depression

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Many people suffer from depression. The condition, which is relatively common, can be debilitating, preventing sufferers from enjoying life. Nevertheless, mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists, can help patients overcome symptoms of depression. 

Here are a few methods that psychiatrists may use when treating depression. 


When psychotherapy is employed, the patient meets with the psychiatrist to discuss their concerns. The therapy often identifies stressors that seem to trigger the depression symptoms. The patient may also discover solutions that help them understand and deal with issues in a more positive manner, leading to a greater sense of control. 

Psychotherapy can be administered in a number of ways. Here are a few of them:

  • One-on-one. Individual psychotherapy is conducted with only the psychiatrist and the patient present. 
  • Group. In group psychotherapy, multiple patients may meet with the psychiatrist concurrently. This type of therapy is often performed in clinical settings and allows patients who suffer from depression to learn as they listen to others who are experiencing similar issues.
  • Couples. With couples therapy, the depressed person and their partner meet with the psychiatrist to discuss changes in partner or spousal communications that can lessen the triggers of depression.
  • Family. Relationships within the family of the person with depression can play a significant role in the patient's condition. As family members are better able to understand their loved one's depression, they can better cope and learn how to help alleviate symptoms. 


Medications are sometimes useful in the treatment of depression. A psychiatrist can review the symptoms of the patient and prescribe medications that can help lessen the symptoms' severity.

Sometimes, only a single medication is prescribed. However, in other cases, multiple medicines are used. The dosing and effectiveness of the prescribed medications are reviewed periodically so that adjustments can be made as necessary.

Lifestyle Modifications

People who are depressed sometimes need to make changes to the way that they live. Thus, they may need to alter their diet, extracurricular activities, exercise habits, and even personal hygiene. 

Depression often causes people to feel listless. As a result, they may neglect activities that they normally participate in when they are not feeling depressed. As a psychiatrist helps the depressed patient to identify their current behaviors, they work with the patient to form a plan that leads the patient back to a more normal level of activity.

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5 April 2018

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