After A Loss: Tips For Reducing Anxiety When You're Pregnant Again


Many women experience pregnancy and infant loss. Enduring miscarriage, infant stillbirth, or SIDS can be traumatizing for any expecting parent. When you discover you are pregnant again, the painful memories of the loss ca cause anxiety and worry. There are some things you can do to help yourself be calm and healthy during this pregnancy, such as:

1. Go to pregnancy counseling.

Getting pregnancy counseling can help immensely during this time. Regular sessions can help you understand your fears, and discussing them with a professional will help you to view them more objectively. You may learn specific coping mechanisms and have a safe space where you can grieve for your lost baby. You might have lingering feelings of guilt or anger that should be addressed, especially because infant loss is very rarely preventable; mothers are not at fault. 

2. Practice meditation.

You might not feel like getting comfortable and breathing deep when you're feeling panicked, but practicing meditation can help you stay calm when bigger feelings of depression or anxiety come. You can try different types of meditation. Some women may like guided self-hypnosis. Others may simply enjoy sitting in nature while breathing and focusing on relaxation. religious women may find solace in prayer. 

3. Make room for memories.

Many women fear that a new baby might seem like a replacement for one that has passed away. It's normal to fear that your child might be forgotten in the wake of a living, breathing baby. you can prevent this by making room for your lost baby in your life. You might celebrate the birthday, or you might set aside a day for mourning marking when you had your miscarriage. You might also keep items that you made for your baby, and not use them for a new child. Making room for memories can help provide the reassurance that your baby will not be forgotten, even though you've decided to have another child. 

4. Start a new hobby.

Just like making memories and celebrating the life of your child is important, it's also therapeutic to look forward. You might take up a new hobby that is inspired by the life of your child. For example, you might make white knitted blankets for stillborn children to be wrapped in at the hospital, or you might start putting together gift baskets for family members. You could start a miscarriage support group in your community. These can help distract you from the anxiety of a pregnancy and help you feel proud in your ability to connect with people who have shared your sense of loss. 


30 October 2017

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