Testicular Reconstructive Surgery: Yes, It's A Real Thing!

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Whether you were not born with a testicle, a testicle never dropped, or you had testicles removed due to cancer, you do not have to go through life feeling like a neutered male. There is reconstructive surgery for testicles, just as there is reconstructive surgery for breasts. Here is how reconstructive surgeons make new testicles for you.

Remove Cryptochordic Testicles

If you have a testicle that never dropped, the surgeon will want to remove that testicle. There are two reasons for doing this. One, the surgeon wants to avoid any possibility of the testicle attempting to drop after it has been replaced by a faux testicle in the scrotum. Two, the cryptochordic testicle will help the surgeon determine the correct size and shape of faux testicle to insert in the scrotum. It is also a good idea to remove this testicle to avoid testicular cancer in your abdomen.

Modeling a Faux Testicle

The surgeon will then use a tiny poly bag, similar to the ones used for breast implants, to create a new testicle. Taking measurements from your scrotum and any testicles that the surgeon has already removed, the faux testicle(s) bags will be filled with saline or a non-toxic gel. This makes your faux testicles feel every bit as real as the testicles you do not have, no longer have, or never really had to begin with.

Opening the Scrotum and Placing the "Testicle Implants"

After the fake testicles, or "testicle implants," have been manufactured and filled, the surgeon uses a local anesthetic to freeze your scrotum. (You may or may not want to watch the procedure. That is up to you.) He or she will then slice open each side of your scrotum (depending on the number of testicles you need to replace) from just under the base of the scrotum in the front, to about halfway to the back of your scrotum. The fake testicles are inserted and manipulated into a natural position. Then the surgeon stitches up your scrotum and the procedure is complete.


After you have replaced your missing testicle(s), you can apply ice to your groin to control swelling. Over-the-counter pain relievers should be effective at controlling discomfort, but your surgeon may prescribe a prescription pain reliever just in case. You will have to monitor your own scrotum for signs of burning and infection, but these effects are very rare. If you do encounter any odd sights, sensations, or smells coming from your nether regions, contact your surgeon right away.

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8 October 2017

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