Is Your Child Prepared For Surgery?

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In the days leading up to surgery, your child will likely start to express feelings of anxiety and fear. Sometimes, the fear is related to an experience. In some instances, it is the fear of the unknown. Regardless of the reason for your child's fear, you can help to alleviate some of it by preparing him or her for the procedure:

Plan Your Conversation

Talking to your child is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare your child for surgery. However, saying the wrong thing can sometimes add to the anxiety that he or she is feeling. To avoid this, you need to plan for your conversation.

To start, learn more about the procedure. You want to be able to explain to your child why it is performed, what will happen during the surgery, and what your child's recovery will be like. Once you have this information, you can decide on an age-appropriate method for sharing information with your child.

Be Sensitive to Your Child's Emotions

Prior to the surgery, you might notice your child's behavior changing. He or she might act out or show emotions that he or she normally does not. It is likely your child's anxiousness about the upcoming procedure that is causing the change in behavior.

Even though your child is expected to be on his or her best behavior, you must remember that he or she is dealing with nervousness. Instead of disciplining your child for not following the rules, give him or her a little room. Talk to him or her about the behavioral problems and offer comfort.

Prepare for the Hospital Stay

If your child is going to be staying at the hospital overnight and longer, you want to make him or her as comfortable as possible. Although you cannot pack up all his or her belongings and take them to the hospital, you can take some familiar items with you.

For instance, instead of your child wearing a hospital gown, he or she can likely wear his or her pajamas. You can also take along a laptop or portable media player, gaming system, and books that your child likes.

Talk to your child's surgeon to learn of other ways you can make him or her comfortable before and after the procedure. By working with the surgeon and his or her team, you can ensure your child is ready for the surgery. 

Contact a local child surgical center for more information and assistance. 


23 August 2017

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