4 Important Questions To Ask Before Entering A Drug Detox Program

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Have you decided to go to a drug detox center or do you know someone who has decided that they need to go? Are you having trouble picking one out from the options that are available nearby? Choosing an addiction treatment center is a major life decision. While one program might work for many people, it might not work for others. Before choosing any one program, there are several questions that you should ask. Some of these include:

Is the program short or long term? Many people do quite well in a short-term drug detox program. Perhaps all they need are a few weeks or about a month and then they're ready to leave. If you've tried short term programs before, however, and they haven't worked, then you might want to look for a long term program. Due to the increased time spent in the program, long term programs may be more successful for a larger number of people. Either way, be sure you know how long the program will be before agreeing to enter it.

What sort of payment is accepted? You may have an insurance policy that covers some or all of entering an addiction treatment center. But sometimes, a drug detox program won't accept any insurance even if your insurance will take care of part of the cost. Make sure you understand the full cost of entering the detox program before you go in. If you have no insurance that will cover your stay, the treatment center may offer a payment plan instead of demanding most or all of the cost up front.

Are other drugs used in the program? Some drug detox programs are meant to get a person completely free of any sort of drug dependence whatsoever. Other programs will substitute one drug for another. For instance, some programs rely entirely on methadone. While this is safer than the alternative, it can still be habit-forming. If your goal is to be completely free of any sort of dependence, you'll want to look for one that has a broader approach to drug addiction.

What steps are involved in the treatment program? In some treatment programs, you might be expected to break off all contact with your loved ones while you go through the initial process. In other programs, they may want a loved one to join you for group therapy sessions. Make sure that you understand exactly what the process will entail and that you're completely comfortable with it. A program that makes you feel uncomfortable in its approach is unlikely to be successful.


16 July 2017

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