3 Tips For Preparing For Ankle Surgery

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Fracturing your tibia or fibula ankle bones is not only incredibly painful, but also makes life much more difficult to navigate until you recover. Having a surgery performed by a qualified orthopaedic surgeon will allow your bone to grow back together in the healthiest and fastest way possible, and is often necessary for complex fractures. You may be nervous about your upcoming ankle surgery, but you can follow these tips to ensure you are completely prepared:

Buy or Rent Mobility Devices

Before and after your surgery, you will need to ensure you can safely get around without further injuring yourself. Crutches are helpful, and you should definitely have a pair on hand, but they can be tricky to use and also quite tiring after a while. A knee scooter is a great way to get around your house, or even outside, while keeping your ankle off the ground. Make sure you choose a knee scooter with a basket, for easy hands-free transport of food, beverages, and personal belongings from room to room of your house.

Make a Post-Surgery Plan

Immediately after your surgery, you will be too groggy to drive and will also need to take pain medication to ensure you are comfortable once the anesthesia wears off. Ask your orthopaedic surgeon for your pain medication prescription before your surgery, so you already have it on hand. Have a family member, spouse, or friend drive you to the surgery and back, and if possible have someone stay with you for a day or so after the procedure. You will be very tired and possibly in pain, so it will be nice to have someone there to help you.

Plan Easy Meals

Your body will need plenty of nutritious and filling food after your surgery to fuel its healing. You most likely won't feel like cooking after your surgery and getting around your kitchen will be tough at first. To make things as easy for yourself as possible, enlist the help of a loved one to prepare healthy meals and snacks ahead of time. Pre-chopped fruit and veggies can easily come together in a smoothie, salad, or healthy snack. You may want to sign up for a meal delivery service, or spend time preparing freezer meals that can be thrown in the oven for a quick dinner.

By following these tips, you will be able to make the most of your ankle surgery and maximize your healing and recovery.


23 June 2017

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