Persistent Diarrhea May Require A Trip To Urgent Care

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Going to an urgent care center is not the same as going to the emergency room. It is used to treat problematic, but not dangerous, problems that require immediate attention. Anyone who is suffering from persistent diarrhea, therefore, needs to understand how urgent care centers can help them.

Common Causes Of This Problem

Just about everybody will go through a few instances of diarrhea during a month, but persistent or chronic diarrhea often impacts certain people profoundly. It is a problem that has many causes, including excessive levels of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and other types of chemicals. Artificial sweeteners, of the kind used in many diet sodas, are often to blame for many instances of chronic diarrhea.

Usually, chronic diarrhea is a problem that most people can manage on their own by adjusting their diet. Eliminating these problematic items is typically enough to get their stool more solid. However, there is a chance that chronic diarrhea may be more dangerous.

Signs It Might Be Serious

Chronic diarrhea that lasts more than three days may indicate more serious problems, such as traveler's diarrhea (common when traveling overseas) or a complication with medications. The first type is caused by new foods and bacterial infections during these vacations while the second is due to a poor reaction to medicines. Thankfully, both can be treated by a doctor.

However, chronic diarrhea can also be a symptom of serious digestive problems, such as Crohn's disease or celiac disease. These health concerns cause inflammation in the intestines that can be very painful. Both can also cause severe and chronic diarrhea that can potentially dehydrate somebody and put them at a serious health risk. In these instances, urgent care is a necessary treatment step.

When Urgent Care Is Necessary

Urgent care treatment for chronic diarrhea is required if: bowel movements are accompanied by blood; serious cramps make it difficult to enjoy life; a severe fever is occurring; and/or if a person feels like they need to faint. These symptoms indicate a more serious problem, one that urgent care can manage quickly and efficiently.

For example, treatment here will start by hydrating a person who may be suffering from a severe lack of water. Then, it will identify the cause of this chronic diarrhea and work to find a solution. For example, if Crohn's disease is the cause of chronic diarrhea, urgent care will find a medication that will decrease the symptoms of this disease.

By following these guidelines, people with chronic diarrhea can get the treatment they need to avoid serious problems. It is nowhere near as painful or as traumatic as it may seem, making it a step that is well worth taking.    


18 May 2017

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