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Your cornea is the front part of your eyeball that's transparent and covers your iris and pupil. The cornea also has the job of refracting light. Your cornea is also sensitive to certain things such as temperature and pressure. This is why if you touch the cornea of your eye even very lightly your eyelids will automatically blink in order to try to protect your eyes.

Your cornea is also one of the parts of your eyes that's the most susceptible to damage since it is right out in front where it can easily get scratched and injured. Here are some ways you can protect your corneas from getting injured:

Don't put your fingers in your eyes

Your fingers can have small pieces of dust and dirt on them and this means when you put your fingers in your eyes you can transfer those small pieces of debris onto your eye where they can then cause small scratches to your cornea. If your eye itches then you should instead put some eye drops in your eye. This will flush out whatever is causing your eye to itch without risking damage to the cornea.

Wear safety goggles

If you are doing anything that puts your eyes at risk of injury then you should be wearing safety goggles. A few examples of times that you may want to wear safety goggles include when you are sawing or sanding wood, when you are working around a sandblaster, when you are spray painting something, when you are working with a weed eater or any other time when you are doing anything else that will have debris or any other material in the air where it can get into your eyes to injure your corneas.

Know when to get medical attention

Anytime you have pain in your eye, trouble seeing or have any other reason to be concerned over the health and well-being of your eye you should get in to have it looked at. The sooner you go in for treatment on an eye injury, the better the chances will be of you healing properly and without problems that can cause you issues in the future. If you can get in to see your optometrist right away then you will want to do this.

However, if the problem is serious and the optometrist are closed then the most important thing is to be seen right away, so your injury may warrant a trip to your local emergency room. If you need surgery then the emergency room may immediately treat you and then refer you to your optometrist anyway. Once you see them they can set you up for your surgery.

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21 April 2017

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