3 Tips For Weight Loss Success

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There are countless ways to lose weight, but you need a few building blocks to make any weight loss plan work. If you are serious about shedding pounds, having a solid strategy can translate into long-term success.

Know Your Starting Point

Knowing exactly where you start on your weight loss journey can help you make realistic goals. You should know your accurate weight and body measurements to help you gauge progress, but other information, such as a fitness assessment and a body fat analysis are also important. At times when the scale is stagnant, you can rely on changes in your body measurement and improvements in your physical fitness to see progress and maintain motivation. An accurate body fat assessment will determine your body composition. You may not reach your weight loss goal, but can achieve a healthy body fat percentage, which is more important.

Find Ways To Feel Full

Although portion size is important, learning tricks to feel full with fewer calories is more important. One way to sabotage any weight loss goal is to feel perpetually hungry. Some of the easiest, low-calorie ways to stay satiated are to include more fiber in your diet, via food or fiber supplementation. If you are drinking a glass of water or other non-carbonated beverage with each meal, adding a teaspoon of dissolvable fiber powder will make your smaller portions feel more satisfying. Both protein and fats are an important part of satiety. Have some protein at each meal, whether it is meat or plant-based, and include healthy fats.

Include Variety

No matter whether you are talking about food or exercise, variety is important for losing weight and turning a healthier lifestyle into an integral part of your life with little mental effort. Experiment with different foods, such as unique vegetables, cuts of meat, or grains to keep your diet interesting and to encourage you to cook more meals at home. Find an interesting cookbook or recipe collection containing many dishes you have never tried, but are healthy (or can be made into healthier versions).

Many people find themselves stuck in a rut when it comes to exercise because they continue to believe the only way to burn calories is using gym equipment or engaging in an exercise they hate. Find a team sport you enjoy or join a dance class, just to keep life interesting. If you prefer to exercise in private or have limited time, there are exercise video that include interval training, traditional cardio, or dancing to fun music.

Making changes you expect to maintain for a lifetime is important for losing weight. Having reasonable goals and incorporating a healthier diet and exercise plan into your life can make a significant difference in your weight. Look into a plan, such as from InShapeMD San Angelo , for more help.


11 April 2017

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