Post-40 Eye Care: How To Know When Its Time For An Eye Exam

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After those early elementary vision screenings, many adults without vision problems forget about the importance of routine eye care. While taking a relaxed attitude about your vision may be fine for several years, it is common to suddenly realize that your eyes experience changes once you hit the age of 40. For those over this milestone birthday, it is important to be aware that routine eye exams can prevent many problems such as glaucoma from becoming worse. While yearly visits are always best, every adult over the age of 40 should be aware of these times when an eye exam is critical for protecting their vision.

It's Your Birthday

Turning 40 is met with a variety of responses by people, yet it is common for a person to suddenly begin paying more attention to their health. Currently, it is recommended for all adults to get an eye exam at 40 that serves as a baseline for their future vision health. During this exam, you can expect to be screened to determine your visual acuity, eye pressure, and signs of developing vision issues such as cataracts.

You Receive a New Health Diagnosis

Certain health conditions place you at risk for vision problems. For example, a diabetes diagnosis can mean that you are at greater risk for developing diabetic retinopathy, and menopause can cause dryness that disrupts your vision. While learning how to manage your new health condition goes a long way toward preventing its effects on your vision, your eye doctor serves as a partner that can check for signs of problems so that they can be addressed before you sustain long-term damage to your vision.

Unusual Symptoms Have Recently Appeared

Unexplained headaches can sometimes be a sign that you have reached the age where eyeglasses are necessary for improving your ability to see clearly. Alternatively, you may suddenly discover black spots in your vision that could indicate a variety of problems that can be diagnosed during an eye exam. Anytime you experience something strange with your vision, you should schedule an exam to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Unlike many other types of exams, getting your eye health checked is painless and takes only a few short minutes out of your day. Yet, making time for this critical appointment means that you can prevent and address many of the vision issues that arise with aging. As you approach your senior years, make getting an exam a priority that helps protect your overall health.

For more information or to schedule an eye exam, contact a local eye clinic, such as Advanced  Eye Care &  Surgery Center.


30 March 2017

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