Chronic Pain In Your Lower Back? 2 Ways To Get Some Relief

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If you walk around with pain in your lower back all the time this can make it difficult to do your day to day tasks. It can also make it difficult to sleep at night. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help you deal with this pain, two of which are listed below.

Pain Cream

You can find over the counter pain cream to help with your pain. If not, you can find this pain cream online. The advantage of pain cream is it is easy to apply as you only have to rub it or spray it onto your skin when you start feeling pain. These creams work by blocking the pain transmitters before they have time to reach your lower back muscles.

Some pain creams use camphor and menthol, which creates a cooling or burning sensation that distracts your mind from feeling pain. There are also creams that use salicylates, which is the ingredient used for aspirin. Capsaicin, which is an ingredient found in hot chili peppers, is often found in pain creams. When you apply this type of cream to your skin you will feel a burning or warm, tingling sensation for a few minutes. After a few days of applying this cream regularly you should start feeling pain relief.

Pain Management

Along with a pain cream you can also try pain management to help with your chronic back pain. With pain management, the doctor will evaluate your back, diagnose the problem you are having, come up with a treatment plan, and decide on the type of rehabilitation that will help you. Pain management is often used as an alternative to surgery.

There are different techniques that can be used to help you. Physical therapy is common as it is not invasive and you will not have to take any pain medications if this works well for you. The physical therapist will use techniques to strengthen up your back muscles, give you massages, use hot and cold therapy, and teach you what you can do at home to help with the pain.

This means the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs, steroids, or antidepressants to help you with pain. The doctor may choose to use injections, such as a steroid injection, to help with your pain.

It may take time but you should start feeling relief so you can go throughout your life without constant pain in your back. Continue reading for more info.


22 March 2017

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