Why Choosing An Obstetrician To Care For You Throughout Your Pregnancy Is Important

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It's a pretty hard decision to make when you are searching for an obstetrician to care for you during your pregnancy. That's understandable considering that this physician, by nature of his or her specialty, will have to examine the most sensitive parts of your body. It helps if you talk to a family member, a friend or your primary care physician to learn if they can refer you to an obstetrician. You also have to decide whether you prefer having a female or male obstetrician. In either case, you'll have to completely undress for an examination. A good decision is to first meet with the obstetrician you have chosen in consultation before making your first formal appointment. This meeting gives you a chance to ask questions and learn more about what his or her job entails. Before that session is over, you'll be able to make a decision about how comfortable you are with this doctor and why you should choose this obstetrician to care for you throughout your pregnancy.

When You Should First Visit An Obstetrician

Ideally, you should have had your first visit with an obstetrician between the ages of 13 and 15 years old when menstruation can be discussed with this specialist. Obstetricians generally only speak to teenage patients for that first appointment, without performing an examination, unless the teenager's specific case requires an examination. 

Treating You During Pregnancy

So you've grown up, got married, and now you're pregnant. It's a special period in your life. You need the guidance of a licensed obstetrician throughout your pregnancy in preparation for the ultimate pregnancy phase when you give birth. Lots of things can happen while you're pregnant, and this specialist fully understands the trimesters you must complete to give birth to a healthy baby.

First Pregnancy Visit

On your first pregnancy visit, the nurse will conduct vital checks after which you'll be issued a gown, since you must take off all your clothes for an examination. After that, the nurse leaves the room and returns when summoned to assist the physician during the examination stage.Your vaginal opening will be examined to rule out any abnormalities. The walls of your vagina and cervix will be viewed with the use of a speculum, and you'll feel a bit of pressure, but no pain, during this viewing stage.

The cervix is the opening to your uterus. What makes it so important for you to have an obstetrician monitoring your fetus growth throughout your pregnancy is that you will receive valuable prenatal care. Valuable prenatal care means you must make frequent regular visits to your physician in order to avoid potential health risks to you and your fetus later on.

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15 March 2017

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