Understanding Some Facts About Firm Silicone Implants

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If you have been considering breast implants for some time, then you may understand that you will have to make some choices about things like implant size, the placement of the implant in relation to the breast tissue, and the size of the incision you desire. You also will need to think about the type of breast implant you desire. Silicone and saline are the two varieties. While silicone has a bad reputation, newer and firmer implants are available. Keep reading to learn about some of the basic attributes of the implants and also about a few of the drawbacks of choosing them.  

What Are Firm Silicone Implants?

Traditional silicone implants are made from a dense, but fluid, polymer material. The silicone is soft, relatively light, and smooth. It also acts and feels similar to the natural breast tissue. However, silicone is not a safe material if it comes into direct contact with the body tissues. In fact, it will pool or remain in areas of the body and it cannot be removed. This is extremely problematic if the implant leaks.

To counteract leaking concerns without sacrificing the look and feel of the silicone, implants were created with a thicker and more dense silicone material. These implants are called gummy bear implants, because the silicone is the same consistency as the candy. 

The silicone material does not leak or release from the implant casing if the casing is broken or ripped in some way. This allows you to retain your heath while also choosing an implant that looks and feels more natural than saline. 

What Are the Drawbacks of the Implants?

Firm silicone or gummy bear implants are advantageous in many ways. However, there are some drawbacks that you need to consider. Both traditional silicone and saline implants can be squeezed into small openings. This means that smaller incisions can be created. This is not the case with the thicker silicone material. The silicone can be compressed, but not nearly as much and incisions may need to be twice as big or a bit more. However, good scar reduction tactics can be used to keep the scar from appearing so visibly.

Dense silicone implants are also shaped in a way that the breast will look natural. This is very different from the fluid shape that traditional silicone and saline implants take as the breast tissues move. The dense silicone does look natural when the implants are placed in the body. However, this can change if the implants move. Breasts may then appear crooked or misshapen.

If you want to look into the different types of breast implants that may work best for you, then speak with a cosmetic surgeon like those at Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting who can inform you about all the facts. 


10 March 2017

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