Maternity Bands And Belts: How They Can Help You Through The Rigors Of Pregnancy

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Maternity bands and belts can help many women during the rigors of pregnancy. While you may want to consider one for your own comfort, your doctor may require you to use one as an official piece of medical equipment. Do you need a maternity support belt? Here's what you should know.

What's the Official Term?

You can hear about maternity bands under different terms.

  • Bellyband
  • Maternity band
  • Maternity belt
  • Maternity support belt
  • Belly support band
  • Maternity girdle

In addition, these devices also have brand names, such as Prenatal Cradle. In all cases, they're describing a variety of flexible compression garments pregnant women can use for support.

What Does a Maternity Band Do?

These garments support both your belly and your back. Rather, they support your back by supporting your growing belly. There's a number of benefits that come with that support.

It helps with various other pains and strains that come about during pregnancy. Because of the support offered, bellybands also make it possible for women to endure many of their normal activities.

For example, if you're still working during your pregnancy, a maternity band can help you stay on your feet. It can also help you go about your daily activities with far more comfort. They can even help you to perform routine exercises.

You may also have, or develop, medical conditions that will make the use of a maternity band a requirement by your doctor. For example, if you suffer from any conditions that weaken your lower back or cause you pain, then your doctor may recommend a maternity band from the very start.

When Should You Use a Compression Garment?

There are various types of compression garments for pregnancy. They come in different sizes and different configurations. Even if you just want to try a maternity belt out, you should first speak to your physician. These garments have specific sizes and rules that govern how you should wear them and for how long.

For example, it's not recommended you wear a maternity belt for more than a few hours at a time. While they can help you a great deal, it's also important you don't develop a dependency to your maternity belt.

Proper usage is the key to receiving the greatest benefit from these garments. So make sure you speak to your doctor about how to use them as well.


7 March 2017

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