3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Health Insurance

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Having access to health insurance coverage can allow you to seek affordable medical care. Unfortunately, many people don't understand how to shop for health insurance coverage and they end up with policies that don't suit their unique medical needs.

Here are three things that you need to keep in mind as you shop for health insurance to ensure that you end up with the right policy for you.

1. Don't be afraid to seek coverage through an independent provider.

Although many employers offer their employees access to group health insurance policies, these policies may not be designed to meet your needs. The amount of money paid out for group plan premiums is based on the average of the group's medical care over time.

If your health is above average, you are a single person working among those with families, or you are much younger than your co-workers, your medical costs could be significantly less than the average over time. Seeking coverage through an independent provider could net you a more affordable health care plan.

2. Don't make decisions based on premium costs alone.

While a health insurance plan with the lowest premium might seem like a great investment, it's important that you consider the long-term costs of these plans. Many plans with low monthly premiums have higher co-pays and reduced prescription coverage.

You should calculate how much it will cost you to get the medical care you need throughout the course of a year, then compare these costs across several different plans. You may find that a plan with a higher monthly premium will actually save you money over time because it provides more coverage than a cheaper plan.

3. Check to make sure your doctor is included in your health insurance plan.

Not all doctors are included in all health insurance plans. If you don't want to switch medical providers, then you need to carefully examine the list of network providers to ensure that your doctor is included before committing to an insurance plan.

Using a medical provider that isn't in the plan's network could result in additional fees, so if retaining your doctor is a priority then you need to secure a health insurance plan that partners with your provider.

Being able to purchase the right health insurance plan will allow you to ensure you have access to affordable health care coverage designed to meet your unique needs. Learn more about the process by contacting health insurance services like Quesenberry Agency For Blue Cross-Blue Shield.


1 March 2017

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