Four Ways Independent Senior Living Can Enrich Your Life

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If you're a senior who can live independently, yet longs for companionship of other seniors in a tight-knit community, you may be considering independent senior housing. You may find this lifestyle will enrich your life, as you make new friends and share common interests and activities. Also, you won't incur the hassle of home repairs and maintenance, and you'll be privileged to many services and amenities that other living options may not include. If you're still undecided, here are four ways independent living may enhance the quality of your life:

1. Opportunity for Shared Group Activities and Social Events

Most independent senior housing facilities offer group activities and social functions. This helps prevent isolation or loneliness often felt by seniors living in single family homes or standard apartments. In many cases, independent senior living facilities hold special events and parties for the residents, typically on holidays.

Planned nightly activities may include cards, bingo or other fun activities. There may be special classes held for residents as well, such as arts and crafts, cooking or computer instruction. Being with others who share common interests and forming new friendships is a definite way to enhance your life as you proceed into the "golden years".

2. No Need to Cook All Your Meals or Dine Alone

Most independent living facilities are equipped with a formal dining room as well as a casual bistro setting, offering chef-prepared meals for the residents. With on-site dining services, you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurant-style food without having to leave the premises. Whether you prefer a private dining experience or sharing a meal with a new-found friend and neighbor, this can make your days and nights more pleasant.

3. Home Repair and Maintenance is Done for You If you've lived in a single family home, you know the maintenance requirements involved. When you choose to live in an independent senior living facility, you'll eliminate the hassle of do-it-yourself home repairs and yard work. All of the major maintenance will be included, and in many cases, this involves on-site service, often available on a 24-hour basis. With this advantage, you can relax and enjoy your retired lifestyle.

4. Many Amenities and Services Are Offered

Most independent living communities offer a large array of amenities to make life easier and more enjoyable for seniors. These conveniences are often included in the monthly rent. What are some of the most commonly offered luxuries?

  • Fitness Center Designed Exclusively for Seniors: This may include a swimming pool and spa. Some facilities also offer water aerobic exercise instruction for the senior residents. Dance and yoga classes may be offered at the fitness center. Because many seniors have difficulty with more strenuous activities, chair aerobics may be another offering at the fitness center. All of these activities at the fitness center are designed to keep you fit and healthy throughout your senior years. Keeping active can improve your state of mind as well as your physical well-being. Having a fitness center at your disposal means not having to travel during bad weather and not incurring a monthly or annual contract.

  • Salon and Barber Shop on Premises: Hair stylists and barbers are commonly employed at on-site salons within independent living communities. You may find this to be a worthwhile amenity, as it can save you the time of having to travel to your routine appointments.

  • Light Housekeeping and Linen Services: Although your apartment may include a washer and dryer, you may prefer the added convenience of this luxury service. Weekly housekeeping services may include laundry and linen service as well as dry cleaning services. Vacuuming and floor cleaning may also be included in the weekly service. 

  • Free Transportation: Transportation within a limited radius may be included in the monthly rent. This makes it easy to visit family and friends who live within that radius, or be driven to your nearby doctor's office or shopping center. You may also have the opportunity to receive transportation outside of the radius for an added fee, another way independent senior housing may enhance your life.

  • Free WiFi: Many independent senior housing facilities offer free WiFi to the residents. If you own a computer, this is a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family and browse the Internet without having to incur Internet charges or buy additional equipment such as a wireless router.

If you're a senior who enjoys maintaining your independence, yet relishes the thought of daily conveniences and social interaction, independent senior housing may be an ideal choice. Do your homework and find an independent senior housing community that best suits your lifestyle, interests and budget. You may find that independent living will open up a whole new world for you.


19 June 2015

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